Lucky 7 Boer Goat Farms breeds and sells award winning boer goats with genetics developed over generations that produce the coloring and conformation that win in the show ring.
We here at Lucky 7 Boer Goat Farms started out in goats for our kids in 4-H. Over the years our kids excelled in the show ring as we put together puzzle pieces to improve our boer goat herd. Knowing that our kids’ 4-H careers were coming to an end, we decided to give this colored goat thing a try so we could show ourselves and stay in the boer goat industry. We wanted to start off on the right foot, so after much debate we decided that CRCR Coppertop would be the buck we used and Westfall’s Blazin Beauty would be our cornerstone doe. That was the cross that produced our main herdsire LK7 Devil Spots Ennobled who excelled in the show ring. Devil Spots’ first set of boer goat kids also excelled which Ennobled him at 19 months of age. As we move forward, we add pieces to the puzzle every year to keep improving our herd and the goat industry as a whole.

Stand out in the show ring! Learn the techniques for clipping your boer goat so it looks its best and gets noticed by the judges. Our detailed video breaks the trim down by each body part and shows you exactly what to do.

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Lucky 7 Boer Goat Farm has a number of Ennobled goats. Only purebred and fullblood boer goats are eligible for Ennoblement, which provides breeders with visual definitions of the breed standards.

Lucky 7’s bucks produce proven champions in the show ring. Our bucks come in a variety of spots, reds and paints to suit any breeder or showman.

Lucky 7’s beautiful does produce award winning offspring. Because of our selective breeding, our herd continues to improve every year.

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